In this day and age technology is all around us.  Often, technology can be a source of stress with a constant stream of texts, calls, emails, tweets, and various other notifications buzzing, dinging, and swooshing in our ears every day.  However, with all of this technology that fits so neatly into our purses, back pockets, and sweaty stressed out palms-why not use it to our advantage?  There are a plethora of great apps that you can download for both Androids and IPhones that can help you take note of your mental health and engage in some self care by providing education and techniques to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, bi-polar, and ADHD.  Great apps range from simple information based ones that serve to improve understanding of these issues and commonly prescribed medications and treatment,  to guided exercises in relaxation and breathing, to ways to track your mood with charts and journals, to daily affirmations and uplifting quotes, to organizational and goal setting tools, and even to apps that teach you how to utilize real therapeutic techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy to improve your mood.  Check out the links below to find different apps that may work for you. Many of the apps are free. If you arent inspired by the ones listed below-research on your own! Google, Bing, or search your app store to find something that fits your own personal situation.   Remember, you have the power to make things work FOR you and not against you, as should be the case with technology.  So get started!  If you are already seeing a therapist, use technology (apps, worksheets online, online forums) as supplemental tools to ensure you are using coping skills and techniques outside of sessions, too.  Getting into great physical shape requires work and mental health is no different.  Staying in tip top mental health requires work.  


Apps for Depression:

Apps for Anxiety:

Apps for Bi-Polar:

Apps for ADHD:

Worksheets( for the old school in you) and


Helpful Hints for managing stress