Now Accepting Medicaid Insurance for Louisville Therapy

In an effort to better meet the needs of clients seeking therapy in Louisville, I am now accepting Medicaid insurance for therapy and counseling.  Many young adults, people with disabilities, and families with children now qualify for free insurance under Medicaid.  I encourage people to call and check their eligibility before scheduling an appointment for counseling or therapy services.  Medicaid gives people access to free medical and dental care and in January of 2014, Medicaid also allowed for new provider types to apply to accept Medicaid. This means that there are many options when selecting doctors, therapists, hospitals, dentists, counselors, etc when using Medicaid.  Follow this link to learn more about Medicaid  Look in the middle of the page at the FAQ section for quick answers and contact numbers.


*I am currently enrolled with and able to immediately see clients with Passport, Wellcare, Coventry Cares, and now Humana Caresource.



Currrently, there are very few privately owned and operated therapy practices in Louisville which accept Medicaid. If you are in the Louisville area and are covered by Medicaid, I can provide the individualized therapy and focus which can sometimes be lost when dealing with large agencies due to the high case loads and therapist turn over rates. I will be your therapist from the beginning to the end of the therapeutic process .