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I am a licensened clinicical social worker/therapist with several years of experience working with children, adolescents , and adults. I acquired much experience working with a wide variety of people and mental health issues in a community mental health setting. I obtained both an undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Louisville. I have concentrated experience working with pregnant/post partum women experiencing depression and anxiety.

Through my experience providing therapy in Louisville, I have been a counselor for both children and adolescents with difficulty focusing and managing their activity levels (some diagnoses with these symptoms include ADHD and anxiety) and children engaging in defiant and oppositional behaviors, disregard for rules, refusal to follow adult directives( some diagnoses with these symptoms include oppostional defiant disorder, conduct disorder).

I am also well versed in collaborating with other service providers, counselors, therapists, teachers, doctors, psychiatrists , etc. It is my goal to help each individual seeking my services build new skills and grow their own strengths while maintaining the support system they already have in place - be that family, friends, teachers, doctors, counselors, etc. I take the approach of a narrative therapy approach, “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.”

During your time with me, we will not focus on a label or diagnosis, but rather on how symptoms create problems in your life and how to address those problems in a proactive manner. We will focus on strengths that will help you overcome your problems.

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