Child Therapy

Child Therapy is one of my areas of expertise. I have years of experience working with children and take pride in providing child therapy. Providing counseling or therapy for children is an important part of my life and I enjoy helping children overcome any obstacle.   Working with children involves building trust first and foremost.  I will utilize many ice breakers  and rapport buildinge exercises with a child to help them feel safe and comfortable around me.  Play is the language of children so I try my best to incorporate interactive activites during therapeutic sessions with children.  Playing games, drawing, building things, and other activities can actually be great tools to help children practice following rules, respecting boundaries, focusing, appropriate expression of  feelings, and learn skills and techniques to manage mood and behaviors.  Working with children should always be a family effort and parents will be invited into sessions, as well.  Afterall, I dont go home with your child so it's important for parents to know what happens during sessions so that they may continue to help the child practice coping skills outside of sessions.  If skills dont translate outside of the office, therapy is not effective.  

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