Group Counseling

Group Counseling can be a very effective way to address numerous challenging issues including symptoms of depression, problems using self control and managing anger appropriately, and relationship/self esteem problems.  Groups enable members to normalize their issues by hearing how others have faced similar situations, improve problem solving skills through brainstorming with others about possible solutions to their issues, and group helps members seek social support in a safe nurturing environment with like minded people.  

 *Groups being offered in October will include anger management/self control group and a relationship/self empowerment group

*Coming soon are parenting workshops in which parents who need additional help may attend a workshop in which an overview of a variety of behavior management and positive parenting techniques are presented along with education and materials on how to implement techniques in the home, school, and community environment that are developmentally and age appopriate, as well as techniques in which progress can be tracked using simple charts.  Positive parenting techniques include use of appopriate negative and positive consequences for children-ex.  use of planned ignoring, time outs with counting and verbal prompts, use of specific verbalized praise, incentives, token economy,  and rewards.   

 *Group counseling and workshops are not typically covered by insurance.  Please check with your individual insurance provider regarding services covered by your plan.  Services not covered by insurance are considered self pay services and payment is due at time of service.  

 *If interested in groups please send a message here.