Couples Counseling

Couples counseling often involves helping partners change their interaction and communication styles with each other.  There is an emphasis placed on finding the positives aspects, strengths, and common values of each person both as individuals and as partners to one another.   In cases of infidelity or persistent patterns of negative interactions involving constant arguing, the focus turns to addressing "thought attacks" or negative thoughts triggered by situations, items, places, or people that affect how partners interact.  For instance, in the case of infidelity, a wife who was cheated on may be triggered by seeing a woman similar to the person who her husband cheated on her with.  Though the couple may initially be having a wonderful evening, that trigger continues to stir in the wife's mind and can produce "thought attacks" in which at some point in the evening the negative thoughts of what happened take over, one negative thought leads to another and another, and her mood begins to change from happy to sad or angry, and her interactions with the husband change from positive to negative-the wife may turn the entire evening into a quest to find more information about the affair, or engage in name calling or demeaning of the husband, or withdraw completely and the husband has no idea why.  Treatment will focus on stopping these thought attacks, minimizing triggers, improving a couple's ability to express feelings appopriately, problem solve together, improve their ability to empathize, communicate effectively, and understand the root of the problem.  

 *Couples counseling is not typically covered by insurance.  Please check with your individual insurance provider regarding services covered by your plan.  Services not covered by insurance are considered self pay services and payment is due at time of service. 

 *If interested in couples counseling please send a message here.