I earned both my undergraduate and graduate degree from the University of Louisville.  I gained much knowledge through my course work and several practicums which led me to become a counselor in Louisville. After graduating, I acquired much experience working with a wide variety of people and mental health issues in a community mental health setting.  I am prepared to face any issue presented to me with an open mind and willingness to find solutions together.

My practice style is based on the concept of changing how you think to change the way you feel and act. Your first session can be considered as a discovery process. I will get to know you, your situation, and gain a better understanding of your expectations and goals for our time together.

We will not focus on a label/diagnosis, but on how symptoms create problems in your life and how to address those symptoms pro-actively. My goal is to help each individual build new skills and grow their own strengths while maintaining the support system they already have in place such as teachers, friends, and family.